Vol.3(2003)Table of Contents (CBI-HP)

Last Update: 31 December 2003


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Prion Proteins - Effect of Ala117¨Val mutation-
Noriaki Okimoto, Kazunori Yamanaka, Atsushi Suenaga, Yoshinori Hirano, Noriyuki Futatsugi, Tetsu Narumi, Kenji Yasuoka, Ryutaro Susukita, Takahiro Koishi, Hideaki Furusawa, Atsushi Kawai, Masayuki Hata, Tyuji Hoshino, and Toshikazu Ebisuzaki

Bioassay of Pesticide Lindane Using Yeast-DNA Microarray Technology
Meher Parveen, Yuko Momose, Emiko Kitagawa, Sakiko Kurita, Osamu Kodama, Hitoshi Iwahashi

Detecting outlying samples in microarray data: A critical assessment of the effect of outliers on sample classification
Koji Kadota, Daisuke Tominaga, Yutaka Akiyama, and Katsutoshi Takahashi



Conformational Analysis and Docking Study of Potent Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors Having a Benzylamine Moiety
Narihiro Toda, Yoriko Iwata, Keiko Tago, Hiroshi Kogen, Tsugio Kaneko, and Shuichi Miyamoto

Environment-dependent and position-specific frequencies of amino acid occurrences in α-helices
Hiroshi Wako, Jianghong An, and Akinori Sarai

Consistent Charge Equilibration Method Combined with Universal Force Field: Application to Amino Acid Molecules
Tetsuji Ogawa, Osamu Kitao, Noriyuki Kurita, Hideo Sekino, and Shigenori Tanaka

MD Simulations on the Influence of Disease-Related Amino Acid Mutations in the Human Prion Protein
Kholmirzo Kholmurodov, Yoshinori Hirano, and Toshikazu Ebisuzaki



Development of a structure based protein function prediction method: Calcium binding protein
                      The number of pages of reference [6] was corrected and was set to 943-945. (9/29)
Takeo Asaoka, Tadashi Ando, Toshiyuki Meguro and Ichiro Yamato

Development of the parameter-fitting module for web-based biochemical reaction simulator BEST-KIT
Jun Yoshimura, Tadahiro Shimonobou, Tatsuya Sekiguchi, Masahiro Okamoto

Pathways and Networks of Nuclear Receptors and Modeling of Syndrome X
Tsuguchika Kaminuma


Construction of Three-Dimensional Pharmaceutical Structure Database and Its Posting to the Internet
Yoichi Yamamoto, Kaori Kurata, Masaki Hamada and Akira Dobashi

Lead Optimization of Dimethyl(2-phenoxyethyl)sulfonium p-Toluenesulfonate for the Development of an Anti-allergic Agent
Yukio Tada, Ichiro Yamawaki, Shuichi Ueda, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Naosuke Matsuura, Mitsugi Yasumoto, Akihide Koda and Mikio Hori

High-Speed Screening and Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis for the Substrate Specificity of P-Glycoprotein (ABCB1)*
Yuko Onishi, Hiroyuki Hirano, Kunio Nakata, Keisuke Oosumi, Makoto Nagakura, Shigeki Tarui and Toshihisa Ishikawa

Common Pattern of Coarse-Grained Charge Distribution of Structurally Analogous Proteins
Kenichiro Imai and Shigeki Mitaku

correction F Vol.3 No.3 "Pathways and Networks of Nuclear Receptors and Modeling of Syndrome X "
                                wrong            right
    P130@line12 @@ were called →  was called
    P133@Table ‚P 1C receptor) →  PPAR (Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor)
                         2A neclear    →  nuclear
    P134@lines15&23@xenbiotic   →  xenobiotic
    P135@Figure 1 @  Endcrine    →  Endocrine
    P140@Figure 5 @  rodification →  modification


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