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update: 2005.1.26 
What's CBI
 The CBI Association, established in 1981, has sponsored nearly three hundred meetings over the past two decades. These include lectures, seminars, and symposia on chemical computing, molecular biology, and informatics. All of these activities were financially supported by members of the CBI Company Association. The Association includes a wide range of leading Japanese companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computers and informatics. The CBI Association stimulated Japanese academic and industrial activities in the areas of computer-aided drug design, protein engineering, structure-based biology, biochemical (DNA and protein) chips, biocomputing, applications of pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and the Internet, computational toxicology, and genomic technologies. In April 2000, the CBI Association changed its structure and name to become the CBI Society with a new mandate to enhance the activities of the previous Association and to evolve towards the new era of biotechnology in the 21st century. The executive team of the CBI Society comprises leading scientists from universities, industrial laboratories, and national research institutes. Previous annual meetings have drawn approximately 400 participants.

Chem-Bio Informatics Society(CBI)
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