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The Grand Challenge of CBI (2/6)

Area of Interests of CBI

Molecular Computing
Structure Biology
Docking Study
Drug Design
Sequence Analysis
Signal Pathway and Network
Molecular and Biological Database
Bio Simulator
Bio System Modeling
Comptational Toxicology
AI on The Internet/WWW

New Environment for Pharmaceutical Industry

1. End of Pharmaceutical Monopoly in Drug Research
   Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies
   -Increase Productivity / Centralization of Research
   Rise of Biotechnology Firms
   Rise of Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
   Better Partnership with Universities
   Precompetitive Research Consortium

2. Cost Cutting Pressure for Medical Services

Number of Biotechnology Companies in US

Genomics and Genomic Technologies       20
Microarray       28
Antisense        4
Gene Therapy       14
Signal Transduction       13
Tissue-Engineering/Cell Therapy       30
CombiChem       31

C. Robbins-Roth,
from ALCHEMY to IPO - The Business of Biotechnology, Perseus, Mass, 2000

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