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update: 2005.1.26 
The Grand Challenge of CBI (3/6)

New Chance and Challenge for Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry

Adaption to New Research Structure
Allocation of Research Funds for New Area

Government and Government Institutions Reform
University Reform

Mission of  CBI
 - Enforcing Underpinnings and Building Infrastructure
 - Organizing Precompetitive Consortium

Grand Challenges of CBI

1.  Large Scale Molecular Computing
2.  Name and Structure Databases for Drugs and their Candidate Chemicals
3.  Making Knowledge Bases for ADME
4.  Bionetwork ( Extension of CSNDB )
5.  Micro AI ( Micro Array Interpreter )
6.  CROSSA ( Cross Species Analyses )
7.  Building Network Infrastructure for the Consortium
8.  Computational Toxicology
9.  Integration of Bio Informatics and Chemical Computing Resources
10.Assay System Using C.elegans
11.Resource Strategy for Medicine

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